Labor Contractions

I wanted to stay at home as long as possible, so I tried to keep my mind occupied by watching a video. The more concerning scenario is extremely strong, close together contractions for many hours (like syntoncinon induced ones)… baby’s can become distressed if subjected to this. Over the years, contractions have become more acceptable higher up the formality spectrum.

Contractions during the second pregnancy are also proceeding in three periods but all of them last less than in first pregnancy. Braxton-Hicks contractions are named after an English doctor, John Braxton Hicks, who described them in 1872. A midwife should also use her hands to assess how often contractions occur, and for how long because CTG machines are not very good at this.contractions

These contractions cause the upper part of the uterus (fundus) to tighten and thicken while the cervix and lower portion of the uterus stretch and relax, helping the baby pass from inside the uterus and into the birth canal for delivery. For most women, this means taking normal breaths as the contractions build and then pushing when it becomes irresistible.

Note: An apostrophe is generally used in contractions to show where letters or sounds have been left out. Although the contractions may be uncomfortable, you will be able to relax in between contractions. The pain with contractions occurs regardless of any change in position or with movement.contractionscontractions

I used this app to time my contractions last week when I was in labor with my daughter! The urge to push usually feels strongest at the peak of the contractions and then fades toward the end. After 8 hours stalled” at 7 cm and over 40 hours of steady labor, the midwife said that the OB was contending that my contractions were not sufficient enough to birth my baby and that the only way to know was a cervical catheter.