When and under what conditions is it best to use beam traverses?

Traverses have a simple structure consisting of a beam with a single attachment point, centered on the upper part for connection with a crane, hoist or other machine. Some consist of additional elements and also have two or more evenly spaced lifting eyes that secure the load with hooks or slings. In what situations do traverses work best?

Advantages of traverses

Traverses are ideal for lighter and shorter cranes that do not require too much space for their effective work. Thanks to the fact that there is one mounting bracket on the top, many different machines can interact with this component.

Traverse beams also provide many lifting points and can be designed with variable or fixed hooks. This freedom of regulation means that traverses can be used in many projects and for many different processes. The rigid and durable beam structure is ideal for loads that are delicate or flexible so that they can be lifted without support, such as long and thin sheets.

When to choose traverses?

If the company can provide a sufficiently large space, and the transported goods do not belong to the delicate category, then the use of traverses may not be necessary. They are usually more expensive solution than other options in this segment. So before buying the right equipment, you should think about and answer the following questions:

• What will be raised?

• How can it be lifted safely?

• What is the weight and spread of the load?

• Where will the lifting process take place?

The weight of the load and the length of the load are the main factors to consider. If this is a large-span package that must be supported along its entire length, then traverse beams will prove to be the best choice. In addition, they also work well in places with limited space – low and with low clearance.

Versatility – a multitude of applications

Traverses are available with a wide range of additional accessories, so they can be adapted to both the company and the lifted objects. You can attach hoops, hooks, rope, chain or hooks to them. In combination with the multitude of traverses themselves and their different types, it is possible to construct such a set that will be able to cope with multiple tasks. This means that these tools can be used in both small and large enterprises.

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