Tips on remodelling a room for your kid

While remodelling a kid’s bedroom to suit their needs may seem easy, it isn’t. It is challenging to create a highly functional, aesthetically attractive and budget-friendly bedroom design where kids will find fun and love to spend their time. The first step of remodelling should always be to determine the reason for the remodel. Are you just decorating it to have a more appealing look for your kids? Is it that the kid has outgrown the room? Or is it that your child will now be sharing the room with another child? Ensure that you know the main purpose. This helps one come up with an appropriate budget. Failing to set a proper budget can be catastrophic as makeover costs can quickly add up. Below are tips that will help you while remodelling your kid’s room.

Cost and budget considerations

When you are budgeting for a remodel or renovation, always ensure you, have a written budget. Have a list of the remodel aspects that are non-negotiable and pick on the project aspects you can do by yourself, thus saving some cash. Ensure that your budget has allowances for additional fixes which may arise and also for unexpected mishaps. For items required to be in the kid’s room, ensure that you have invested in the basics. The budget should not lack basics such as solid furniture, a good mattress, quality decorations, and effective windows treatment. If you have opted for a contractor, ensure that you are open to them on the budget range, you can afford and work together to know what designs and items will be appropriate to this budget.  Ensure that the contractor you go for is insured and licenced.


A child’s bedroom should always have the appropriate level of lighting. This will help create a soothing and comfortable environment. If you are installing an entirely new lighting system, ensure that you consult a qualified professional. Electric wiring is hazardous and should never be done by a non-professional. If you are planning to update overhead lighting in your kid’s room, it can be a great idea to fit a dimmer switch as it will help make the transition from day to night easier and smooth. Kid’s rooms are best when fitted with soft white bulbs rather than harsh spiral and fluorescent bulbs. It is also wise to know the amount of light your kid prefers dim or bright, go for the light type that your kid is comfortable with.


Since wooden floors are easy to clean, they have become the standard floors used in most kids’ rooms. Contrasting to wall-to wall-carpeting, wooden floors are durable, thus helps avoid replacement costs. So as to add pattern, colour, softness and warmth to the underfoot, you can have area and accent rugs in your kid’s room. Area and accent rugs are typically affordable compared to wall to wall carpets and are easier to replace. For the flooring, if you are on a budget, you can reconsider the wooden flooring and go for mechanically engineered and laminate flooring which are lesser expensive selections. Mechanically engineered and laminate floorings have qualities that suit a child’s rooms, they are easy to maintain and are durable. The level of difficulty and scope of installing flooring is dependent on the flooring you select. Ensure you have professionals do the floor for you.


After all the major works are over, it’s time to personalize the room. There are multiple do it yourself projects that you can tackle with simple tools such as nails, paint, wall hook and a hammer. Generally, kids love well-set corners for sleeping, playing and reading. Well set corners also tend to offer a feeling of security and safety. You can use wood planks to create a good reading corner for your kid. An alternative way to personalize a kid’s room is by showcasing their artwork in large frames with mats. The art can always be exchanged as the kid’s work develops, and as their interests develop. Many affordable frames are available in the market and can be painted to suit the d├ęcor of a kid’s room. You can always purchase such

In conclusion, while it can seem a daunting task to remodel a kid’s room, with this article, it isn’t. You need to follow the above tips, and you’ll have your kid’s room remodelled excellently. Another important aspect is to buy supplies required for the remodelling process from reputable stores. Reviews about online brands will help you locate reliable stores. You can also look at patpat reviews.