Protecting Bird Feed

Squirrels are comparable to marmite, you either love or hate them! Despite their acrobatic antics and feistiness, squirrels can destroy fruits, berries, leaves, flowers, and tree buds. Many people struggle to keep squirrels away from scaring their favorites birds or accessing bird feed. Squirrels can detrimentally affect your home gardening experience by causing destruction.

As they are gnawers by nature, they require constant access to food to maintain, sharpen, and trim incessantly growing incisors. Thus, squirrels have voracious appetites, are extremely sneaky, and deft at avoiding deterrence measures. With the ability to leap over 10 feet high and across, mechanical traps are typically ineffective as preventive measures. A squirrel’s excellent balance allows it to circumvent any traps easily. Having the ability to swim and dig hiding places makes squirrels extremely efficient at avoiding any control measures. Trying to control squirrels is a source of frustration for many individuals.

What can you do to distract squirrels away from bird feeders? You can use the measures outlined in this article for deterrence. Your first option would be utilizing a combination of techniques to control their activity. The second option would be to build squirrel feeders to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Where the squirrel population proves uncontrollable, you can seek help from pest control services. Research online or consult your local directory to find out whom to contact.
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Here are a few ideas to successfully employ the first method to outsmart squirrels in your backyard garden. Hang you squirrel proof bird feeders 10 feet high and away from any trees or branches. Prior to buying squirrel proof feeders, pay attention to their consequences. Some squirrel proof brands have lifetime guarantees, but fail to protect bird feed from squirrels.
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Also, installing cylindrical mesh guards over tube feeders can significantly deter squirrels. Mesh guards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific bird feeder you need to protect. Consider purchasing weight activated feeders that close feeding ports automatically when a squirrel mounts up on them. A revolving motorized system on weight activated feeders denies squirrels the chance to consume bird food. This frequently frustrates squirrels and they eventually learn to leave the bird feeder alone. You can use baffles and domes to prevent squirrels from accessing your bird feeders. Grease feeder poles and use squirrel slinkies to prevent squirrels from climbing poles to access bird feed. Ground feeding your birds can work to prevent these rodents from consuming bird food. Desist from hanging your bird feeders. Use feed guardians to protect feeding trays when ground feeding your birds. Employ feed guardians with the tiniest meshes to deter squirrels.