Some of the Latest Minimalist Roof Types

There are many types of Home Roofs that you can choose according to your choice. Choose the type of roof that can certainly give you comfort for shelter. For example, the roof is really strong, durable, and not easy to cause leakage. For installing and repairing the roof, you can use the best roof service of roofing Oshkosh.

Here are the latest types of minimalist roofs in terms of manufacturing materials:

Glass Tile Roof

As the name suggests, a glass tile roof is a roof composed of tiles made of glass. The advantages of glass tiles can function as a vent where sunlight can enter the house. Installation of glass tile roofs can also be one way to maintain and prevent walls from excessive moisture and moldy. Glass tile shape is the same as other tile shapes.

The weakness of glass tile is that this tile can only be applied to certain parts of the house because if you use too much glass tile, the temperature of your house will be quite hot when during the day the sun shines brightly. In addition, glass tile models are few and limited. Besides glass tile is also quite easily broken.

Metal Roof Tile

Metal roof tile consists of a composition of tile made of stainless steel / mild steel. The shape of the metal tile in the form of sheets such as zinc. Installation of metal tile by planting the tile with nuts and bolts on the roof truss.

The advantage of metal tile roofs is that they are quite heavy so they do not require a large amount of frame. It has the effect of reflecting the soil so that the house will not feel excessive heat during the day. Anti-break, anti-moss, quite resistant to fire and free of maintenance and anti-rust.

The weakness of metal tile is the price is expensive. Besides installation requires accuracy so that the roof looks beautiful.

Zinc Roof

Zinc roofs are chosen as roofs by stalls on the roadside. Having a long size zinc roof has the advantage of the minimum order required. The weight is quite light which causes the mounting to be nailed to the tap frame (sometimes even requiring additional loads so that the wind still doesn’t blow this roof). The lowest price of zinc compared to other roofs.

The disadvantage of a zinc roof is that it rusts easily. In addition, when it is old, the tin roof will damage the view of the house so the house will look like an unhealthy home. Its heat retention will make the house feel very hot and will make noise when it rains.

Asbestos Roof

The asbestos roof looks exactly like zinc but one of the advantages is that it does not absorb heat. The price is cheap, easy installation, durable, lightweight.

The weakness of the asbestos roof is a health risk if asbestos is old. Asbestos fibers made from carbon are easily released and can interfere with respiratory health.

Asbestos is also easily broken so installation requires caution. But in terms of price, asbestos is one of the cheapest types of roofing and is very quickly installed.