Picking The Best Material For Dog Houses Our homes hardly do without a pet, and they should be made comfortable. The bond that grows with time between you and a dog is amazing, and with time, you will love your dog the most. Important to note here is, there are some things your dog will appreciate if you do for them. Having a dog as a family member will necessitate doing them things they will love including buying them a house. There are various models of dog houses based on the material used to make the house. Among such models are plastic and wooden houses. While plastic dog house is mainly used by many people today, wooden dog houses are the best traditional and classic ones. If you require a new dog house or you want to build it for your dog for the first time, you will need to consider some things about the most popular material. Different model has its features to present. You will find out that woods are unique and its features can’t be found in other models. These may include fragrant aromas from cedar and cypress woods and also natural resins from cedar and teak woods that will act to repel all nature of insects. Plastic materials are also the best in that they are workable and can be molded. Factories can mold plastics to different colors, designs, textures, sizes and shapes. The warmth or cold temperatures you want for your dog is a factor to consider. With any of these materials, your dog will be warmed in winter seasons and cooled in hot times. Important to know is that not both of them have the same insulating properties. With wood materials, they have natural insulation, but they require extra pudding in extreme temperatures. Plastic materials have small air bubbles that trap warm and cold air as required and build an airtight seal of protection throughout the dog house.
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Your dog houses will require a space to be placed at. The most appropriate place for the two models is outdoor. Plastic model is the best waterproof material while wooden is from strong hardwoods. You will want to consider which is easier to assemble between the two. Whilst wooden dog houses often come unassembled, plastic houses come pre- fabricated since they are not put together the same way. When you buy wooden homes, they come with manuals that are understandable to you.
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Compare the craftsmanship and the cost of using any of the material. Wooden materials present with the best craftsmanship since they can be work on by hands and they are from natural wood while plastic is synthetic that are impersonally prepared. Chose the model that will cost you the least amount of money. Plastic wins regarding cost though even wooden materials do not cost much.