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Get an INSTANT estimate of the cost to remodel a typical bathroom in your zip code! After purchasing my fixer in Golden Gate Heights I had a choice between finally buying a nice car to replace Moose, my decrepit 14 year old Land Rover with a lit up dashboard full of warning lights or upgrade my incredibly shitty 6 feet X 6 feet bathroom from the 1950s and own a cheaper new car instead.bathroom remodel cost

A basic showerhead can cost as little as $15.00, and a higher-end model complete with bells and whistles can cost as much as $600.00. Installation costs will vary depending on the features of the showerhead (temperature memory, aromatherapy, etc.), but it’s safe to assume that you’ll pay the average plumbers’ rate of about $50.00 an hour.bathroom remodel cost

There are many magazines, TV shows and even other contractors that will make people believe they have to spend their entire savings on even a small bathroom remodel We aim to deliver with custom craftsmanship that is not only beautiful, but true to your functionality needs and design aesthetic, and if an F&S Building Innovations contractor is working in your home, you can trust that they have your very best interest in mind at all times.

One of the easiest ways to get a sense for the cost of a bathroom remodel is to check out this bathroom remodel cost estimator on Keep in mind that these prices are generic, middle of the road averages and really don’t reflect the exact amounts that you can plan to spend.bathroom remodel cost

This cost includes relocation of all fixtures and features two mirrored and lit medicine cabinets above dual sinks and stone countertops, surrounding cabinetry,a compartmentalized room with a toilet, a forty-two-by-forty-two-inch frameless glass shower with ceramic tile, a whirlpool tub, lighting, fan, HVAC systems, in-floor heating, heated towel bars, and ceramic tile flooring.