Drug and Substance Abuse and How to Recover. Drug and substance abuse is one of the major issues that are affecting the society that we are living in today. Addiction mostly occurs when someone starts using anything uncontrollably in a way that they can no longer function properly without using that substance. A person can take a while before realizing that they are already addicted to a given substance. Most of the people who are addicted to these drugs are young people who pick these habits from high schools as a result of peer pressure. This, therefore, ends up ruining a person’s life because it may take so much time for that person to recover from use and abuse of these drugs. The brain’s reward system can end up being corrupted by the continuous use of these drugs. Addiction can originate from use and abuse of substance like alcohol, morphine and even hard drugs such as cocaine. One of the major things that people become addicted to, is alcohol. Alcohol addicts depend on it too much since it is hard for them to function without using it. Addicts may feel reinforced once they have used what they are used to. This, therefore, creates dependence on the drug. It is a state which leads to adaptation to, by addicts as they rely on these drugs too much which can bring about symptoms such as withdrawal upon repeated use. This is a very risky state in the life of an addict. Substance use is known to give the addict a rewarding feeling which the brain may understand it as something that is desirable or even intrinsically positive. Substance use and abuse can cause disorders, conditions whereby usage of these drugs can lead to clinically and functionality impairment and even distress. Drug and substance use increase the chances that a person will continue seeking exposure to them as they are perceived as being desirable, inherently positive and even pleasurable.
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Recovery from addiction is however very possible since there are ways of treating a drug addict. One of the main things that an addict has to learn is that addiction will not be treated by just stopping using these drugs but by them creating a new life for themselves which is easier when not using these drugs. The most common way of treating addiction is by use of medication such as naltrexone. Naltrexone is a way of medication that helps stop use of opioids and can primarily help manage dependence on these drugs.
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It is a process when an addict is recovering from substance abuse. This is especially because those recovering have to avoid high-risk situations as they create a new life for themselves and such risks may include being hungry, angry, tired and even lonely. High risk situations may bring about cravings in an addicts life and may lead them back to substance abuse.