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Here in the United States, the average bathroom remodel costs $5,647-$12,957 It’s certainly money well spent considering the beauty and comfort it offers, but that kind of price tag may mean eating Top Ramen for the next six months. It would cost you around few bucks in getting your bathroom renovate but first decide how you want to make your bathroom. According to 2016 Cost vs. Value reports , a bathroom remodel in the South Atlantic region nets a 70.4 percent return on investment. Unless specified in Project Options list, this small bathroom remodel estimate does NOT include costs for relocating, repairing, modifying or enhancing existing structural, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.

Despite all the costs, keep in mind that a bathroom remodel provides a good return on investment. Stainless steel faucets paired with brushed brass cabinet hardware will make your bathroom look cheap and cobbled together – no matter how much you’ve spent. Every year, Remodeling Magazine publishes a Cost vs. Value Report that shows the average price of different home improvement projects in different areas of the country.bathroom remodel cost

Remodeling magazine estimated that a standard mid-range bathroom remodel could cost in the ballpark of approximately $10,000 to $11,000 , but these costs can vary by region. Because this is the only bathroom in the house, it’s used not just by the homeowners but by guests as well, and so they were willing to put a little extra love into it.

Moving lights or plumbing or putting in a window will cost more than sticking with the bathroom’s original layout. Finally, upscale bathroom additions are the priciest at an average of $91,389, but they also provide the most radical transformation of space.bathroom remodel cost

Once you have determined functionality requirements, start making decisions about specific bathroom remodeling products. You dream about a bathroom that’s high on comfort and personal style, but you also want materials, fixtures, and amenities with lasting value.bathroom remodel cost