What is so fun about a doorstop? Okay, it is a thing that holds a door open. It is a thing that no one ever actually sits and thinks about, and it can’t actually be stylish. What is the point? Sure, the point is to hold a door open, but what other than that?

It is a fun to take something so fundamentally boring and kind of make it flashy, fun, and exciting. It is part of the creative process. It is simple to take something that is already fun and turn it into something completely thrilling, but it is a whole lot less manageable to take a doorstop, a microwave, a fork, or something else dull as the color white and make it compelling. There is the spork, but the point stands.

Life is all about having some fun. This is a fantastic little exercise to spark some creativity and get those mental juices flowing. It is great for a writer to explore different ways to look at basically drab things. The website at http://mdelacena.com/2017/03/the-safety-legacy/ basically does this every day (stop by and say hello, sometime).

Okay, so the door stop. The door stop could be anything but black or brown. Those colors are grossly played out, especially in the category of “boring house things.” The door stop could have a funny shape or not be a doorstop at all. Use just about anything: a kitchen appliance, an old toy, or a pot of a nice plant to spur that secret desire to be a professional gardener. Anything with enough weight to hold that door could work. See, a door stop could actually be anything in the whole world.

Does anyone really need a doorstop in their life? Well, no. There is always the nice perk of having the door stay open. It is always nice to get some fresh air—until it isn’t. Door stops are not compelling in any way, but one’s creativity can be. A basic door stop can be made thrilling and peculiar. What better test of a person’s creativity than to turn a doorstop into an actual point of conversation? Now go out there and bring it up this Friday. Or just a buy a doorstop.