Your Absolute Guide to Airbrush Tanning Airbrush tanning has gained quite a lot of popularity in the recent times. One of the most common reasons for this is the fact that people have become more aware of the dangers brought about by sun bathing. Due to the fact that the ozone layer gets thin every single year, tanning is no longer as appealing as it used to. Well, the tan is still something that most people are after; however, its many side effects are what keeps people coming back for more. If you talk about sun worshippers, one of the most common problems that they will likely suffer from is skin cancer. Furthermore, other skin problems such as blemishes and wrinkles are also linked to tanning. A lot of people thought that the answer to their tanning dilemma is the tanning bed. However, their assumptions were wrong because if you tan yourself in a tanning bed for how many hours, you are still at high risk of getting skin cancer. Aside from that, have you ever took a glimpse of what the skin of a professional tanner looks like? What you can see is that their skin is akin to a leather that is tanned and their wrinkles are much rampant compared to those who do not do tanning. Luckily, airbrush tanning comes into the limelight to give those who love tanning the answer to their bronze or golden skin goals. If you say airbrush tanning systems, they make use of a certain solution that has DHA or dihydroxyacetone. There is no cause for alarm as this is a pretty safe ingredient just as long as it will not be sprayed on your mouth or eyes. There are two main methods of doing airbrush tanning, and that is applying them by hand and in a booth. In terms of the booth method, all it takes for the client to do is just to step inside of their booth so that they will then be sprayed the tanning solution on every part of their body. On the other hand, the second method will require the technician to be utilizing the right tools to do airbrush tanning with their hands.
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Airbrush tanning kits are now being sold in the market for use in the salon or even at the comfort of your home. These do it yourself airbrush tanning kits can just be bought for as low as two hundred dollars. What you get with these kits may not be the same as those that you get from the professionals in a salon but they will just look fine if you do not have the money or time to go visit a tanning salon.
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If you choose to have airbrush tanning in a salon, then you know that you will be tanned professionally because they will be making use of only the high-end airbrush tanning equipment.