Boston Consumer Protection Lawyers A debt collector lawyer can represent you if you are a creditor or a debtor. This lawyer will come up with strategies either to get back the money that you have loaned out or to protect you from creditors. Consumer protection attorney handles a broad range of areas such as product liability, false advertising, consumer fraud and other business scams. For instance, if someone stock and has miss- represented its value then that is known as investment fraud. A consumer protection lawyer practices consumer protection and can assist advocate for a client’s rights in civil lawsuits or disputes to make sure that businesses are following rules and regulations. These forms of harassment can include when a debtor keeps calling you before eight o’clock in the morning, and after nine o’clock, he or she insists on threats of physical harm or violence, threats of arrest or imprisonment using obscene language, when the debt collector keeps calling you with the intention of annoying you or harassing, continuing communication even after you have made it clear to you to cease humiliating or publicly displaying your debts. The attorney will then help you to get compensation for any stress and trauma the debt collector has caused you. If the client has recorded statements or phone calls and even notes the lawyer will help the client in drafting letters representing verification of the debt.
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Just because someone is currently incapable to pay some of his or her obligations, it does not mean the person should experience unethical collection practices and also unlawful abuse of rights by any debt collector. There are some debt collection agencies and personnel who wish that people don’t know their rights so that they can take advantage of them. In such situations, one needs to turn to a lawyer that will help you protect your rights. The lawyer will as well make you understand that you have the right to check out damages when your rights have been violated.
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Rights protection law groups PLLC Is a firm that does its best to try and ensure that all clients concerns are appreciated every step of the way from the beginning of the process to the end of resolving their respective claim. The rights protection law groups PLLC treat their customers with respect and clients love that and trust them with their claims. They work diligently and on time to ensure that the customer’s claims are resolved, and the customers leave with a sense that they have attained justice on their case. Lawyers are critical people in the society because they save people a lot of unnecessary stress and trauma when people begin to misunderstand each other or when arguments and disputes occur.