5 Benefits of Using a Water Softener

Turning on the water tap does not always guarantee that a great tasting product will emerge. Slight variances in the mineral content of local water supplies can completely change the taste, feel, and smell enough to have you seeking a solution. Below are five benefits of adding a water softener to your home.


Better Tasting Water


The high mineral content of untreated tap water can have a very pungent, strong taste. There are times the water is so full of hard minerals that the taste is bitter and looks are cloudy. Softening the water will make it more pleasing for both cooking and drinking. This is especially important in keeping children hydrated, They will want to drink water that has a more pleasant taste.


Reduced Mineral Deposits


The number of hard minerals in your water varies greatly from one area to another. It is completely dependent on the source of the water. One town may source water that is somewhat soft, while the next town has some of the hardest water imaginable. These minerals will begin to deposit in your pipes, faucets, surfaces of counters, tubs, and shower surrounds. Scrubbing these off can prove time-consuming and it can eventually lead to low and slow water flow in your home.


Kinder to Laundry


Hard water due to heavy minerals is harsh on laundry. The soap will not completely dissolve in the water and the results will be stiff clothing that feels scratchy and uncomfortable. It will break down the materials quickly.


Fewer Clogs on Shower Heads


A clogged shower head means water that is reduced to a trickle. This is not a fun way to try and get clean. The angle of a shower head makes it difficult to clear the clogs of mineral deposits. It requires soaking the part in vinegar or using another specialized mineral deposit remover.


Feel Cleaner After Bathing


Trying to shower or take a bath in hard water will leave you feeling as if there is a film on your skin. The soap will not break down properly and you will have a harder time rinsing it off your skin and out of your hair. Softer water will make bathing more pleasant.


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