3 Ways to Speed Up Your Home Remodel

Home remodeling can cost thousands of dollars and take months out of your life. But what if you could cut down on some of these stresses? What if you could speed up the remodeling process with a few simple actions? If you’re ready to take your redecorating by the horns, here are just three ways to light a fire under your project.


1. Talk to Your Contractors

Let your contractors know during the very first call that you want things done as quickly as possible. If they’re juggling too many clients to meet your timetable, let them go and find someone else to install that attic bedroom. You might also inquire about schedules and deadlines while you’re looking for free estimates from general contractors: If it will take them three weeks just to get out and evaluate your home, the remodel will take even longer. You’re better off finding someone who can come out to your property immediately.


2. Beware the Usual Delays

It’s a little-known fact that if bugs or rodents are found within your walls, your remodeling project will have to be completely stopped until the problem is resolved. This is because it’s a liability issue for your painters, builders, plumbers and electricians to be exposed to household hazards. The same thing applies to mold, asbestos and other similar compounds. If you’re serious about getting your renovation done within a certain time frame, make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises lurking behind your wallpaper.


3. Have All of Your Materials Ready

Nothing can grind a remodel to a halt faster than repeated trips to the hardware store. Do yourself a favor and make sure that your contractors have all of the tools and timber that they need to see your project through to completion. Pay for everything upfront if necessary; this will keep your workers from wasting time and running expenses by you every five minutes. As a bonus, it will also prevent you from overspending on perks and upgrades if you buy all of your materials in advance. You won’t stray from your budget when your credit card has already been charged.


No one likes living in a motel while their home is being remodeled, but if you aren’t careful, that ugly flowered bedspread is exactly where you’ll end up. Use these tips to ensure that your renovations are done swiftly and efficiently.