3 Common Home Repairs For The Fixer Upper

Thanks to a variety of television channels, shows, and celebrities, purchasing an old home to fix up, or a “fixer upper,” has become immensely popular in today’s world. Although the final sale price may be significantly less than a new home, “fixer uppers” have many hidden costs in the following three areas.


Aesthetics in home building and decorating have changed a lot throughout the years. Bathrooms in your “new” older home may need a complete remodel completed by a licensed plumber or contractor. Pipes may be eroding under the foundation, in the walls, or up in the attic, depending on where the plumbing itself is located.  Pipe leak repair Jacksonville Beach FL is significantly less expensive than replacing an entire system, so be sure to have the plumbing inspected for any problems that could arise.


Outdated appliances, poor tiling choices, and a lack of storage are just a few examples of what could be found in an old home’s kitchen. Black Friday is a great time of year to find deals on new appliances for the kitchen; tiling is a fun and creative project that could be completed after you move in. Kitchen storage solutions can be as simple as installing an island with drawers, redoing the shelving in the pantry, or extending the cabinets along the wall. All of these improvements add up in costs, so budget wisely.


Old foundations need fixing, and they need fixing before you move in. Crooked floors, uneven base lines, or tilted siding are three common problems due to a poor foundation. “Fixer upper” homes that need foundation work are usually lower in sales price, but the price to fix its main issue is very expensive. The updates make the house livable and safe, so it’s important to take the necessary steps in fixing it.

The price of correcting an old house’s problems may add up, but the sense of fulfillment you will have when the projects are finished and you move into your home will be priceless.